The Right Tools in The Right Hands.

While watching a golf tournament recently, I noticed an ad with the concept of “it’s amazing what the right tools in the right hands can do.”  I pondered that thought a bit as it encapsulates my ideas about marketing, business and tools.

There are undeniably more marketing tools in the toolbox than ever before… websites, social media, video, marketing strategies, , blogs, advertising campaigns both traditional and online, social media releases, online ad campaigns, SEO, behavorial targeting… and the list goes on and on and on.  All have their merits, for sure. And, if not part of a plan, if it is just a tool without a purpose, it is just a tool.  Like a spade or rake lying around in the yard not accomplishing its goal, marketing tools need capable hands, guided with purpose, to accomplish the intended mission.

A little too lofty for you? Try this: unless you know how to use each tool, which tools make sense for your business, which tools your audience responds to, and which tools you have the time and budget to use effectively, you will not get maximum results. And, you could waste a lot of time and money in the interim.

Helping clients develop a purposeful plan, utilizing the best tools to achieve their goals – and then helping them implement the plan & develop the tools is the short version of what we do.  And, when it all comes together, the right tools create an effective, beautiful masterpiece.