Seconds Matter – Why Great Design and Content Should Reflect Your Target Audience

“In the last 15 years, our attention span has decreased from 12 seconds to 8 seconds, which is even shorter than the attention span of a goldfish at 9 seconds.” – Forbes

In a world of smartphones, social media and online ads in the middle of everything you see and read, it can feel difficult to stay focused. And you’ve just read that the average consumer has a shorter attention span than a goldfish—literally.  So now what?  How can your business stand out and capture the 8 seconds or less of your target audience and keep them interested in your product or service?

As creatives and marketers, it is our mission to create content to catch the target market’s eye and keep them reading. Our challenge is to create design that is engaging enough to stand out from competitors and leave a lasting impression within a short period of time. Whether it’s a social media ad, print ad, video or a direct mail card, most people will read and quickly, in a matter of seconds, decide if your business message is worth their precious time.

Here are a few design choices that will draw in the consumer and can keep them returning for more:

Eye-Catching Imagery

Considering your audience’s age, gender and geographical region when choosing images for your business is crucial. We carefully select the best images or shoot custom images so an emotional connection can be made in those first few seconds…allowing your message to be absorbed.

Fonts That Convey Your Message Effectively

Fonts can make or break your message. An unreadable script can frustrate your readers to the point they can abandon altogether your marketing. Plain typefaces can be boring—who wants to read another document? Will block letters work or is script better? Is a bold font on point or something more fun? Fonts deliver a message all on their own and need to work with the overall message and tone for optimal results.

Keep It Short and To the Point

With a barrage of advertising at our fingertips and in our earbuds, we are overwhelmed by media and desensitized by constant information. We are a world of skimmers and glancers. Today’s consumers want short and to the point marketing. They want to be entertained with eye-catching graphics that lead them to content that is easy to understand. They will make a decision on your business within the first few seconds—make that message count!