Marketing Messages: Ingredients Matter

“Too many chefs spoil the broth,” as the saying goes. Why? Because too many flavors, spices, and textures competing with each other for the delight of your taste buds ends up being a confusing, disappointing mess. 

The same principle applies to developing your marketing message and execution plan: define your flavor profile and entice those who may be interested with tantalizing tidbits to pique their interest.  [Seriously, who wants to eat chicken-noodle-thai-curry-chili-beef-stew-pho-vegetable soup?]

Often a new client will want to immediately highlight every single aspect of their business to every person who may ever consider walking through their door – understandable in many respects. Any customer is a good customer, right? However, clearly defining your message and your market means spending time and money towards what really matters: high quality leads. In other words, people who have a higher potential to become a client, customer, or patient.

 Key tips to make a memorable marketing soup:

  • Focus on three –five core messages or propositions
  • Get to the point fast
  • Be crystal clear about your services

For example, if we are highlighting our skills helping businesses be found online with engaging content, instead of a buzzword-laden message such as this:

The Big Picture can help you overcome business challenges with market-leading technology search engine marketing solutions to leverage internal resources and align your growth strategy for strategic, measurable results.

We could try this:

People Can’t Find Your Business Online? See The Big Picture!

  • Streamline Your Search Engine Marketing
  • Improve Your Online Rankings for Key Services
  • Our Creative Custom Content Delivers Measurable Results

Our three points are more clear – and are a huge improvement over the previous mess of a sentence.   Now, how do we add a little sauce, a little kick? [Because boring is… boring. And, because I’m writing this and spicy is my thing. ]

Redefine Your Online Marketing Strategy with The Big Picture. 

Now, this sentence tidbit sounds a bit life-changing; a little like you can make a course correction and take on the world! This tagline amplifies our points and positions The Big Picture as a way you can “use creative content to help people find your business online easily and get new customers while keeping existing ones insanely happy!” Okay, maybe that’s not taking on the world, but you get my point: take something unappealing or complex and turn in into something irresistible.

All this talk of soup and spices is making me hungry.  Tom Yum, I’m on the way!