Brand Voice: Who Are You and Why Do I Care?


What is Brand Voice?

Feel Stuck? Brand Voice Leads the Way!

Ever feel stuck with your marketing efforts? Can’t come up with new ideas for communicating your message? One strategy for idea generation is to consider the Brand Voice. What’s THAT you say? Brand Voice is the personality of your brand; the perception of what you want people to think of when they see your products or services – with a little reputation thrown in for good measure.

Brand Voice is a truly a north star in terms of messaging – there are so many things you could say to people and then a thousand ways to say it! But, once you define your company’s Brand Voice, you have another tool to clarify and focus your message. Not only will using Brand Voice help people recognize your brand when they see it, they will better understand what you are all about and what they can expect when they engage with you. In today’s world, being authentic, staying on brand, and communicating your message to the people who are interested in what you have to say, are key to breaking through the clutter.

Here are a few tips to help define your Brand Voice:

What is your brand’s personality: How do you want people to perceive your brand? What words do you want to pop in people’s minds when they think of or engage with your brand?

To help with this, think of three famous people (anyone from singers, actors, writers, sports standouts, etc.) with a personality you think represents the way you want people to perceive your brand. Fun? Elegant? Sultry? Confident? Expert? Goal-Driven? Smart? Bodacious? Creative? Beautiful? Calming? The list is endless, but using famous people and their associated personality is one way to get in the creative zone. The key is to make sure the words you select actually do or can align with your business and your products or services.

Next, create a list of 10 words or phrases that could represent the personality of your brand. Consider each word and if that word or phrase pairs well with how you brand is or wants to be positioned in the mind of the consumer. Think about the words for a few days and take a look at your list multiple times. What words truly resonate? From your list of 10, select three words you want to focus on communicating over the next year.

Application: Review your website, your social media marketing, collateral material, videos, traditional ads and anything else, including how people answer the phone and respond to emails… how can you integrate these words and the meaning of these words into every touchpoint across your brand? Use your new Brand Voice words as one of your measuring sticks when amplifying every aspect of your business! Need a little help? Give The Big Picture a call ;O