Blueprint for Success

Need a plan and direction for your small business? At the end of this program, participants leave with a communications strategy for their business. Collaboration and participation is required, along with homework! Limited to seven participants per session to ensure one-on-one attention, attendees participate in two workshops and individual meetings regarding their business. Participants work with our team to develop individual marketing plans as a part of this workshop. After the plans are complete, participants have access to four quarterly phone meetings with our agency to review progress and answer questions.

Effective Marketing and PR for Small Businesses

Really effective communications uses a variety of tools – public relations, marketing, advertising, sales, special events and more. And, believe it or not, a major line of credit is not required to create and use professional tools for your business. Small businesses can absolutely communicate their message in a memorable way using design and market savvy techniques. Arm yourself with knowledge and walk away a winner.

Meeting of the Minds

Meeting of the Minds
Collaborate and brainstorm to solve your business development, marketing and PR challenges. Our team works with your group to find creative solutions and real answers; the program can be in a half day, full day format or customized to meet your needs.