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One-On-One Market Research Made Easy

Oct 22, 2010

Wow. I just came across an amazing online service for do-it-yourself qualitative market research. GutCheckIt offers companies and researchers an easy, affordable, quick way to interact with their target audiences. For only $40 per interview (or y...

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Defining Small Business

Sep 13, 2010

Sometimes, when I hear a marketing guru give advice to “small business” it just doesn’t ring true. Why? Typically, because they are using a Wall Street definition of small business – as opposed to what most people view as ...

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Another Great Idea from Domino's

Jul 8, 2010

Back in early spring, I wrote about the free pizza Domino’s offered to get people to try their all-new recipe. What impressed me then was the transparency Domino’s displayed with the entire promotion – highlighting the negative o...

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