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One-On-One Market Research Made Easy

Oct 22, 2010

Wow. I just came across an amazing online service for do-it-yourself qualitative market research. GutCheckIt offers companies and researchers an easy, affordable, quick way to interact with their target audiences. For only $40 per interview (or y...

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Another Great Idea from Domino's

Jul 8, 2010

Back in early spring, I wrote about the free pizza Domino’s offered to get people to try their all-new recipe. What impressed me then was the transparency Domino’s displayed with the entire promotion – highlighting the negative o...

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Practice What You Preach

Jun 18, 2009

Finally! We have our own blog! For quite some time now, our team has been busy setting up blogs for our clients. We wax eloquently about the Search Engine Optimization value of blogs and how it only “takes a few minutes to add new content ...

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