Gray hat marketing gone amuck?


By now I’m sure most of you have seen or at least heard tell of the billboard in Times Square featuring President Obama in a Weatherproof jacket. There is much controversy about said billboard because the clothing company acquired the photo through the Associated Press’ photo purchasing service but did NOT clear it with The White House. Weatherproof says that by putting President Obama on the billboard, they are not claiming that he endorses the product; just merely happy that &... Read more

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Have You Registered Misspellings of Your Domain Name?



In a blog I read by Janine Popick on, she talks about the importance of registering the misspellings of your web site domain. Even if you have print materials with your web site clearly listed, you still need to remember that there are people out there who may have heard your company name but are taking a guess at your web address. Why not register those misspellings and redirect visitors to your homepage? This way, you avoid losing visitors or potential customers. I can ... Read more

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Tell It All...Tell It Fast



The recent media flurry surrounding Tiger Woods is a reminder that even the best can sometimes forget the most basic rule of PR crisis management…tell it all and tell it fast. Tiger, who said he wanted to keep the matter “private”, would’ve had better luck had he issued a statement immediately following the incident instead of 13 hours after the accident occurred. Now because of his delayed, vague response, people and the media have begun to draw their own conclusions.... Read more

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Branding: Important for Small Businesses Not Just Major Companies



As a PR and marketing professional, everything I do for clients revolves around branding. Ensuring consistency of visual branding and message in all of a client’s tools – from Web and Internet presence to print ads, billboards, displays and collateral material to more intangible items such as the customer experience online, on the phone or in person – is something we work diligently with clients to achieve. I find that many small business owners are challenged to first real... Read more

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The 10 Commandments of Twitter



As more and more people are using Twitter for personal as well as business purposes, I thought I’d share a fun article we read here at the office. So to all newcomers to Twitter as well as those experienced tweeters, read the tips below to make sure you aren’t committing a Twitter sin. Twitter’s 10 commandments By John Saddington I. Thou shalt not practice TTMI It’s quite possible that you’re popping a zit before you head to class, but that’s TTMI (Tweet Too Much Information), OK... Read more

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