Customer Service Rules the Day



I talk a lot about customer service with clients – it is the foundation of solid marketing. I mean, honestly, the strategy can well thought-out, uber creative and executed flawlessly…but when the customer actually interacts – in person, online or via phone – with the company, if service isn’t up to snuff, it is really all for naught. Time and money right down the drain. Customer service….it shouldn’t be mysterious or difficult. I had someone ask me re... Read more

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Making Sense of Web Analytics



In today’s marketing society, an online presence has become more crucial than ever. But just having a website isn’t enough. You must view it as a marketing tool just as you would TV, newspaper, direct mail, etc. Take advantage of the data websites provide and gain insight into ways to market your products or services even better. With a service like Google Analytics, you can see just how many people are visiting your site, what pages were visited, top keywords used, etc. But to some small bus... Read more

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Social Media - Highway to Two-Way Communication


Okay…at this point, we should all know the value of authentic, two-way communication. But, just in case there is someone out there who doesn’t understand how this works, here is the basic concept: two-way communication involves listening in equal proportion to yakking. That is it in a nutshell – theses and books have been written about the subject and entire businesses have been built around helping people understand this idea. It is just not that hard. Or it shouldn’t... Read more

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I Want My MTV!



In 1981 television was revolutionized (at least for my generation) when MTV was born. It was a network devoted entirely to music and all that music is. Oh how I miss the days of MTV Hits, Making the Video, MTV Unplugged and Yo! MTV Raps. Those and many more music-focused shows have been replaced with pregnant teen moms and tanned “Jersey Shore” guidos and bambinos. So it really came as no surprise when MTV quietly changed its 30 year old logo; a logo that once stood for “Mus... Read more

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Marketing So Great You Can Taste It.



We have all been talking about the recent Domino’s Pizza TV ads that discuss, with frankness, the discovery that consumers had a less-than-stellar opinion of their pizza. The idea that the company not only asked customers’ opinions, but then made changes based on that input and (gasp) discussed the changes publicly, impressed and intrigued us. We wondered aloud how significant the changes actually were…finally, curiosity got the best of us and we took the bait, er, pizza. I ... Read more

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