Defining Small Business



Sometimes, when I hear a marketing guru give advice to “small business” it just doesn’t ring true. Why? Typically, because they are using a Wall Street definition of small business – as opposed to what most people view as a small business. Perhaps a company with 500 employees might fall into their definition of “small.” This is fine except for the fact there are many, many businesses that are the backbone of small town America – and even metro area... Read more

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Avatar re-release: a poll



I was pumped when I first heard that Avatar was being re-released in 3D theaters nationwide. I considered watching it on a ten hour plane ride back from France until the nice man sitting next to me informed me it would be a waste to not watch such a movie in 3D. I missed it when it was in the theater and missed it again when I actually had the time to sit for three hours and watch it on the plane… so I definitely plan on seeing it in August. Not to mention, James Cameron is claiming the... Read more

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Another Great Idea from Domino's


Back in early spring, I wrote about the free pizza Domino’s offered to get people to try their all-new recipe. What impressed me then was the transparency Domino’s displayed with the entire promotion – highlighting the negative opinion research showed people had of their former pizza. Domino’s continues to impress with more – and riskier – honesty that I believe will have an even bigger payoff. The company is now encouraging customers to take photos of thei... Read more

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Click to Help Coastal Plain CASA


Attention Everyone! You can make a big difference with just a couple of clicks…no time or money involved. Tifton-based Coastal Plain CASA is seeking to win $20,000 on Facebook through the Chase Community Giving (CCG) application. Money will be awarded to the Top 200 charities, in terms of votes received, as of July 13. After two weeks of voting, they rank 181 out of more than 50,000 charities. The team for this small non-profit is leveraging social networks to compete against national-... Read more

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BP + PR = 0



It really never ceases to amaze me how often major companies completely train wreck when it comes to PR and crisis management. The list of colossal missteps, gaffes and blunders grows monthly – and includes everything from a fundamental lack of understanding of PR (or unwillingness to listen to people who do understand) to more modern mistakes involving social media. The one front and center now is BP – wow. Yet another case study of “what not to do” for public relati... Read more

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