Superbowl XLV...Commercials Please!



Ah…the Superbowl. For those of us in the advertising industry, it was more about commercial vs commercial rather than Packers vs Steelers. Each year, among the variety of ads striving to grab consumer attention, there are always at least a few that emerge as buzzworthy the next day. Here are some of The Big Picture’s favorites. What are yours? Volkswagen: The Force Volkswagen: The Force @ Yahoo! Video NFL: Best Fans Ever NFL: Best Fans Ever @ Yahoo! Video CarMax: Kid in ... Read more

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Spaced Out!



See the article below from Eileen’s Blog on… yet another example of the only thing that is constant is change. And, while I have adopted the one-space-after-a-period rule she discusses, I will admit there are times my thumb twitches with the urge to add another space at the end of a sentence. Being part of a micro-generation who finished senior projects and papers with a typewriter and then transitioned to “word processing” in the workplace, two spaces were d... Read more

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Research Rocks


Val_sheadblack posted the following story based on research from the Pew Research Center today: “The Internet is now the main national and international news source for people ages 18 to 29, a study from the Pew Research Center reports. In 2010, 65% of people younger than 30 cited the Internet (Internet) as their go-to source for news, nearly doubling from 34% in 2007. The number who consider television as their main news source dropped from 68% to 52% during that time.* Of all 1,500 Amer... Read more

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Business Cards 101



Thinking of printing new business cards? Well, here’s a great article on the basics of how to make your business card successful. So often clients get bogged down in wanting to put all sorts of information on a card… information that is just not necessary. A prominent logo, correct and limited details, and upscale design and print quality are all key factors in creating a successful card. For more details, check out this easy read at the link below: http://smallbusiness.logoworks... Read more

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One-On-One Market Research Made Easy



Wow. I just came across an amazing online service for do-it-yourself qualitative market research. GutCheckIt offers companies and researchers an easy, affordable, quick way to interact with their target audiences. For only $40 per interview (or you can buy block time), you can obtain input regarding….anything. Your new website? Logo? Name? Ad campaign? You get the picture. As someone who is a strong believer in research, I almost hyperventilated when I found this company. The ability t... Read more

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