Facebook Vs Websites



An interesting debate regarding Facebook and websites is emerging. The core issue is if a small business needs both a website and a Facebook account. I’m hearing from businesses who are opting for a Facebook only path who think perhaps it is redundant to have both, more expensive to have both and that it takes more work to keep both updated. From a marketing perspective, my perspective is that there is not a cookie-cutter answer. I do think in the case of a small retail start up, for e... Read more

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Internships Can Be Good for Everyone...or Not



I really do love having interns. It’s fun to see what students are learning and professors are teaching. And, I like seeing ideas, marketing tools and work through the eyes of someone in a different generation. I find it energizing and affirming…most of the time. The interns who have what I refer to as “the fundamentals,” in addition to their emerging marketing and/or PR knowledge, are the ones I enjoy and who I know will succeed. The fundamentals you ask? Showing up... Read more

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Finally, A Use for QR Codes I Can Get Behind



Okay, so I’ll admit I thought QR codes were simply a gimmick. A flash in the proverbial pan of ever-changing marketing tools. Until today. I read a discussion on Linked In today, titled “Are Business Cards Dead?” The topic caught my attention so I took a few minutes to read a bit. Basic reasons for “yes” or “no” ensued, along with one good point of how a super cool card, by way of shape or message, can hang around in someone’s purse or wallet ... Read more

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Facebook for Business Continues to Evolve



We talk with clients all of the time about how to enhance their online presence, maximize their website, increase search engine optimization and integrate social media. Facebook use for business continues to be on the upswing so we spend time discussing how to best use Facebook for business, how it is different from personal use, how it is a two-way communication channel, how to engage with people and so on. It can be an incredible tool – a very real part of your strategy – when... Read more

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Tools Change. The Need for a Plan Remains Crucial.



The following article, written by Russell Working and posted on Ragan Headlines, explains why, even with newer tools, organizations still need a plan of action. The need for understanding your audience, having a reason and defined goals for any action; having an understanding of implications and pitfalls, along with a way to determine success; evaluating how to integrate a new tool into the overall strategy, using the core message in a new tool and more are key elements in maximizing action i... Read more

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