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A designer's first BLOG



Okay, okay…. so it’s long overdue that I got on the blog train, not to mention, my boss is sort of forcing me to do so. I have to admit, I have been sort of fearful of the whole blog thing. Not wanting to come across as some snooty design guru (which I am farther than China from), I h...

Free online classes!



A friend of mine told me about this Web site recently that I immediately had to check out. The site is called CreativeTechs, and the coolest thing about it is that they are offering free online courses, yes free, in the following programs: Photoshop Dreamweaver Lightroom Digital Photography Flas...

I Want My MTV!



In 1981 television was revolutionized (at least for my generation) when MTV was born. It was a network devoted entirely to music and all that music is. Oh how I miss the days of MTV Hits, Making the Video, MTV Unplugged and Yo! MTV Raps. Those and many more music-focused shows have been replaced ...

Avatar re-release: a poll



I was pumped when I first heard that Avatar was being re-released in 3D theaters nationwide. I considered watching it on a ten hour plane ride back from France until the nice man sitting next to me informed me it would be a waste to not watch such a movie in 3D. I missed it when it was in the the...

Business Cards 101



Thinking of printing new business cards? Well, here’s a great article on the basics of how to make your business card successful. So often clients get bogged down in wanting to put all sorts of information on a card… information that is just not necessary. A prominent logo, correct a...

Chipotle Goes Back to the Start…


Every once in a while we come across something in the advertising world that really tugs at the ol’ heartstrings. Well, Chipotle has done just that with their award-winning Back to the Start campaign, promoting an idea that is central to their company’s core values. To the tune of the...

Pantone 2015 Color of the Year: We Beg to Differ



The beginning of the year is always a fun time for our business… the excitement of new projects and fresh design inspiration is always at the forefront of our minds as we ramp up for the first quarter’s work. And of course, from a design perspective, I’m always pumped for the unveiling of Pantone...